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Dott. Francesco Tatò

Benedetto Marcucci

Marcucci, Benedetto, 44 years old, is the son of a collector and has frequented exhibitions and galleries since childhood. Artistic expression has always been part of his vocabulary. At age 20, he met Mario Schifano, painter and became his assistant. He took part in his first exhibition in 1992 and made his debut at Turin Book Fair with this current series in oil. He has participated in numerous group shows over the years in both public and private galleries. His first solo show in Rome in 1993 at the Morbiducci Gallery was called, “Express yourself with your Feet” and was made up of a series of portraits of people invited to express their best image through their extremities. In 1995, he returned to exhibit the show at the Turin Book Fair.

In 1999, he participated in a show entitled, “Four Times”, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva which was held in the central hall of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome. There he presented the first of series, as yet unfinished, called “Naked Family”. The portrait of three generations of a family shown in their nakedness in their living room.

Marcucci currently works as a journalist, author, TV cultural consultant and advisor to the President of Committee on Culture of the Chamber of Deputies. He works for various magazine such as Il Foglio, Il Giornale, and Vanity Fair. He produced several transmissions for the RAI networks as well. He also has worked as chief press officer for the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.

He lives in his beloved Rome with his wife, Elisabetta Malvagna (journalist and writer) and his three children.


Born: Roma, Italia, 1967
1997 Borsa di studio in Storia Contemporanea del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
1992 Diploma di Laurea in Lettere con indirizzo storico, Università La Sapienza di Roma
1985 Diploma di maturità, Liceo Classico Statale Terenzio Mamiani di Roma
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2011 Musicultura, Macerata, Treccanisottolio (video e conferenza)
2010 Macro, Roma, Treccani sottolio
1997 Galleria de’ Serpenti, Roma, Libri sottolio
1993 Galleria Lo Studio, Roma, Esprimersi con i piedi
1992 Salone del Libro di Torino, Genio e regolatezza, stand di Stampa Alternativa
Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 Sala del Comune, Spoleto, Vetrinetta delle meraviglie
2005 Galleria Lo Studio, Roma, 80+10=90 x l’arte
2005 Liceo Artistico Boccioni, Milano, Poesia visuale nelle collezioni milanesi
1999 Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Roma, Quattro volte a cura di Achille Bonito Oliva
1996 Galleria de’ Serpenti, Roma, Essere antiproibizionisti, a cura di Alberto Vannetti
1995 Accademia Britannica di Roma, Artisti per Opening, a cura di Alberto Vannetti
1995 Galleria Nova, Roma, Interni Esterni, a cura di Viviano Gravano e Giuseppe Cannilla
1994 Parco di Grugliasco, Torino, Interni Esterni, a cura di Viviano Gravano e Giuseppe Cannilla
1993 Condominio Via San Cipriano, Roma, Opera Stabile
1992 Sala 1, Roma, 10 Artisti romani
1991 Galleria Eralov, Roma, Un itinerario d’amore
Selected Bibliography
1999 Lauretta Colonnelli, Corriere della sera, 19 Ottobre
1995 Alberto Vannetti, Opening, Giugno
1993 Mario De Candia, La Repubblica, 20 Novembre
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1994 Romolo Murri, La scelta radicale, Venezia, Marsilio
2008 Modello Roma, Il grande bluff, Soveria Mannelli, Rubbettino


The creation of the books in oil series was born from an idea of Benedetto Marcucci. In the years following the fall of the Berlin Wall when there was talk of “the end of history”, he wanted to give concrete expression to his feelings towards some books emblematic of Italian and international culture. Feeling the need to preserve and pass on that tradition, Marcucci has turned to an ancient Mediterranean technique of preservation. The oil not only preserves the book but enhances it. Each book acquires more prestige as a cultural “objet d’art”. The covers become more brilliantly colored and the pages open in a graceful and natural manner-opening one by one. They become, in short, a sort of relic.

The original purpose-to be read-is no longer possible.

Marcucci has chosen mainly, with a few exceptions, classic books that have profoundly changed the path of Western culture. But observing them in the oil, it is unclear (and unimportant) whether or not they affected the cultural scene positively or negatively. This ambiguity is deliberately left unanswered.

At first glance, the books may seem a conceptual work in oil. Instead, it is the artist’s intention to present classical materials such as glass, oil, paper, cork and was in a new way.

Enciclopedia Treccani sottolio

The transformation of literary materials culminate with the Italian Treccani Encyclopedia of Science, Art and Letters, probably the most impressive scientific enterprise of its time in terms of cultural history. In the age of Wikipedia, encyclopedic knowledge can be questioned and restated and therefore, in modern terms, has become more accurate. The usefulness of current traditional written forms of encyclopedias and their static nature is being questioned. This does not mean, however, that they must be forgotten in basement or left to rot on library shelves. On the contrary, they should be preserved and celebrated. This conflict between prizing them and treating them as antiquated relics is the basis of the philosophy of this work of Marcucci. By raising these questions, the artist want to resolve questions raised by his research project begin in 1989 which stated: “The truth does not exist, therefore one must believe this so as not to be considered a liar.”



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